Saunaklefar og hús


  1. The relaxing elements of nature
  2. Your sauna – an oasis of good feeling
  3. Variant sauna
  4. Rondium sauna
  5. Claro sauna
  6. Rubic sauna
  7. Bathroom saunas
  8. Infrared cabins
  9. Special saunas and infrared cabins,
    products for steam rooms
  10. Outdoor sauna
  11. Sauna interiors
  12. Doors and windows
  13. Colour lights, decorative stone wall
    and sauna products
  14. Sauna heaters
  15. Harvia sauna expertise, panelling
    alternatives, details in saunas
  16. Floor plans


Harvia Claro sauna

Glass, light and beautiful contrast – read more
about the new Harvia Claro sauna on page 11.
The instructions for installation and use of all
the products can be found on website at

Harvia products are designed and manufactured with the environment
in mind. Sustainable choices are not only good for the
environment, they are also good for people. The Harvia Cares
symbol demonstrates that Harvia is committed to sustainable
development. The material of this brochure has also been selected with respect
for nature. It has been pressed on Maxi Satin paper in which
manufacture has been used wood from PEFC Certified forests.

The relaxing elements of nature.

Harvia is more than just a sauna. With more than 60
years of experience in developing the best Finnish
sauna products, Harvia knows what makes a truly
enjoyable sauna bath. Harvia sauna combines the
relaxing elements of nature – wood, stone and water
– to bring you to an oasis of good feeling. The sauna
is a beauty treatment, a moment to pamper yourself,
to relax after a run or a hard day. A Harvia sauna is
an aesthetic pleasure, an experience for your senses.
You can easily find the perfect sauna products for you from Harvia’s extensive range. Harvia sauna will
exceed your every expectation.
In addition to the traditional sauna, Harvia’s product
range includes relaxing infrared cabins and highquality
steam room products. The soft warmth
of Harvia products offers you health benefits:
improved blood circulation and immunity, relief from
muscle pain, stress relief, and physical and mental

Your sauna – an oasis of good feeling.

Harvia saunas are comprehensive solutions. You
get Harvia’s high-quality products, aesthetic design
and easy assembly – all in the same package, from
the same supplier. Create your own unique sauna
experience with Harvia.
Harvia – everything you need for your sauna.
Harvia’s comprehensive collection comprises
everything from high-quality standard products
to exquisite special products. Harvia design takes
modern human needs as well as the demands of heat
and moisture in a sauna into careful consideration.
You can choose from Variant, Rondium, Claro and
Rubic indoor saunas and one of our five alternative
sauna interiors. Furnish your sauna exactly as
you like it, with sauna heaters, lights, glass doors, windows, benches, panels, decorative stone walls
and other Harvia products. Harvia provides you with
the freedom and high-quality products to make your
sauna a unique and beautiful oasis of good feeling.
A modern bathroom sauna is an ideal solution for
small bathroom. A wide variety of materials and
equipment allows you to create your own special
style, just the way you want it.
If you want to enjoy a genuine Finnish sauna in its
more traditional form, you should choose a Harvia
Outdoor sauna. Experience the enjoyment of a sauna
in your garden or next to your swimming pool. Many
unforgettable moments are guaranteed.

Variant sauna

Create your own oasis.

The basic layout of the Harvia Variant
sauna is ample and provides you
with the opportunity for a variety of
different arrangements. The Variant
sauna is also the most flexible of
Harvia’s sauna designs: you have five
options (spruce, pine, aspen, alder
and heat-treated aspen) for wall and
ceiling panelling, and you can choose
the windows and the tone of the doors
that best match your personal taste.
You can choose the interior design
of your Variant sauna from Harvia’s
five stylish alternatives (p. 22–23). A
Variant sauna is completely insulated
and, therefore, very energy efficient.
Metallic corner pieces on the corners
of the fascia board give your sauna a
distinctive look.

The Harvia Variant sauna represents
the modern Finnish sauna at its best.

The benches, as well as the sauna
interior, are designed ergonomically
and following original Finnish sauna

The benches, headrests and backrests
are made from easy-care abachi wood
as standard. High-quality bench design
and soft sauna lighting guarantee
your enjoyment.

Rondium sauna

One of a kind.

Harvia’s Rondium sauna is the perfect choice for bathers who want to pamper themselves. A rounded double door and decorative external stainless steel soffit with LED lights completes this stylish sauna model.
Decorative stainless steel elements in the outside walls create a modern look. Even the base frame is steel-covered. This gives a stylish, modern appearance and provides protection from moisture
close to the floor. Heat-treated aspen, aspen or alder is used for the exterior panelling. Aspen is used on the interior walls and ceiling.

The tasteful Exclusive sauna interior, with detachable benches, is made of abachi and heat-treated aspen. The decorative stone wall gives this sauna a stylish contrast. The Topclass Combi is a versatile heater especially for those

who enjoy a soft, humid sauna bath with an aromatic atmosphere. The heater is controlled by a digital Griffin Combi control unit, which allows you to control the temperature, humidity, and lighting of your sauna.

Harvia colour light brings the magnificence of colours into your sauna. It is controlled by Griffin Colour Light control unit.

Claro sauna

Clarify your thoughts.

The large transparent glass front of the Harvia Claro gives the sauna a spacious feeling. The outer wall surface is black painted wood board, which creates a beautiful contrast against the light wooden corners.

On the inside, the well-thought balance between light and dark continues in unison with the outer surface. Black spacing between the rectangular panel sheets gives the sauna

interior a solid rhythm. The unique Harvia Ventura benches make use of the same design language, adding a bench that is very pleasant to sit on.

Light is one of the key concepts in the Claro sauna. Light comes in through the glass front – and when needed, the corner lamps and a LED strip in the upper bench give their warm-toned support.

Harvia Kivi heater is well suited to the nature of the sauna – the heater produces a traditional soft sauna bath in a modern way. The triangular steel frame with nearly 100 kg of sauna stones looks impressive through the glass front. Also the stylish Harvia sauna accessories set of stainless steel is included in the delivery.

Rubic sauna

A message from the future.

The Harvia Rubic sauna unites metal, wood and glass creating a harmonious whole. The sturdy metal profiles in the corners give the cubical sauna integrity. There are rectangular panel sheets above the black wood board of the side and back walls. Choose the material of the panel sheets and the interior panelling from aspen, alder, or heat-treated aspen. Glass is used in the front wall. Grates that express the style of the interior have been installed in front of the glass. The steel-covered base frame and
the adjustable legs protect the walls and structures of the sauna from the humidity on the floor. The alliance of the materials is continued on the interior as well. The stainless steel strips have been embedded into the edges of the Harvia Futura benches. The same line is continued on the light fittings and heater guard. The interior features modern slim battening. Select the material for your Futura sauna interior from aspen, abachi, alder or heattreated aspen.
A Topclass Combi heater in your Harvia Rubic sauna provides a steamy and moist sauna bathing experience. The heater is controlled by a digital Griffin Combi control unit, which allows you to control the temperature, humidity, and lighting of your sauna. The control unit is stylishly embedded in the metal corner profile. A Harvia decorative stone wall has been mounted behind the heater. Also the stylish Harvia sauna accessories set of stainless steel is included in the delivery.

Bathroom saunas

An ideal solution for a small space.

Harvia offers a complete new range of high quality saunas. Harvia bathroom saunas are designed especially for bathroom’s scarce space and humid conditions. The wall elements are of water, humidity and thermal insulated material. The waterproof sidewall of the sauna can also be used as a shower wall.
Bathroom sauna can be installed almost anywhere, in apartments, hotels, ships etc. Bathroom sauna is well-suited as a renovation product but it fits in new constructions as well. Assembly of a bathroom sauna is a matter of hours.
Select your favourite from Sirius, Capella or CapellaDual models and pick the size which suits your purposes best. It is also possible to manufacture a tailor-made bathroom sauna according to your needs and wishes. Please contact your local dealer.




Sirius bathroom sauna

Harvia Sirius is a stylish and modern bathroom sauna model with plenty of glass surface at front. The width of the bench is over 100 cm in each model, so there is room for two persons to relax and enjoy the sauna bath of Harvia Vega Compact heater. In the standard delivery the Formula sauna interior and panelling are of
alder. The Formula sauna interior is available also in aspen. Also Futura sauna interior model can be selected, the wood material options are aspen, alder and heat-treated aspen. Instead of the standard alder panelling, you can select aspen or heat-treated aspen.
The stylish Harvia sauna accessories set of stainless steel is included in the delivery. Tall, modern door handle gives the finishing touch for Sirius model.
Options available: fibre optic lights, upper covering ribs and side cover.


Capella and CapellaDual bathroom sauna

The Harvia Capella bathroom sauna for two is an ideal solution for a small bathroom, adding a touch of luxury while taking up no more space than a standard bathtub. It can be built even in a space no bigger than 145 x 90 cm. Capella bathroom sauna’s benches, stool and panelling are of alder. CapellaDual model is a combined sauna and
shower: the sauna can be converted into a spacious modern shower simply by folding up the bench. CapellaDual’s bench, stool and panelling are of heattreated aspen with paraffin oil treatment. Shower set and installation hose kit are included in the delivery.
Both models are equipped with space saving sliding doors, giving the sauna
a modern appearance and bringing a feeling of space to the bathroom. The stylish Harvia sauna accessories set of stainless steel is included in the delivery.
Options available: floor basin (for models SC1409 and SC1409D), fibre optic lights, upper covering ribs and side cover.

Rondium SG1515KL
Radiant SGC0909BR
Radiant SGC1210BR

Infrared cabins

Relax whenever it suits you.

An infrared cabin lets you relax in warmth whenever it best suits you. The warmth of the infrared cabin comes from heat radiator elements which produce dry, long-wave heat. The healthy warmth is similar to that produced by the sun. The infrared radiation provides you with an all-encompassing feeling of relaxation.

Infrared warmth also offers you several health benefits: improved blood circulation and immunity, relief from muscle pain, stress relief, and physical and mental relaxation. An infrared cabin can be installed in any dry space, for example in your bedroom.

Rondium infrared cabin The Rondium infrared cabin is in a class of its own when it comes to finish and

detail. The different wood materials, combined with metal, give the cabin a unique and distinguished look. The decorative external stainless steel soffit is equipped with three LED lights. Even the base frame is steel-covered, which gives a stylish, modern appearance.

Light-coloured aspen is used on the interior walls and ceiling. The benches are made from aspen and heat-treated aspen. Heat-treated aspen, aspen or alder is used for the exterior panelling.

The rounded glass corner with double door is made without a threshold, so it’s easily accessible even by wheelchair. There are three sizes of Rondium infrared cabin to choose from. The Harvia Griffin Infra control unit is used to control the Rondium infrared cabin.

Radiant infrared cabin The Radiant infrared cabins have a modern design and plenty of glass surfaces. The large heating elements are positioned so that the long-wave heat can reach all parts of your body.

You can set the operating time and temperature of the Radiant infrared cabin with the easy-to-use control panel. You can even listen to your favourite music on the cabin’s built-in radio/CD player.

Radiant infrared cabin’s interior is made of hemlock wood, a pleasantscented, light-coloured wood related to pine. The outer surface is dark walnut veneer. Choose from two differentsized models.

Special saunas and infrared cabins,
products for steam rooms

Wellness tailor-made for your space and your wishes.

Harvia’s standard range of saunas and infrared cabins is one of the widest on the market. However, it is always possible that the planned location cannot accommodate a standard model. Harvia’s special product department produces tailor-made saunas and infrared cabins according to your exact needs and wishes. All designs are based on traditional Harvia expertise and sauna technology. Special saunas and infrared cabins can be built according to measurements provided by the customer.
You can choose the door and windows for your special sauna or infrared
cabin from Harvia’s standard range. For saunas built into low attic spaces or under stairs, 45-degree corners can be used and the ceiling can be slanted. For commercial saunas, Harvia offers extra-firm bench structures and wall frames.
Products for steam rooms Harvia also offers products for a highquality and easy-to-use steam room solution. Harvia HGX is a compact, yet efficient steam generator intended for private and spa use. Harvia HGP is a steam generator designed for high output demanding spa use. Both share the same basic construction, in which
reliability, trouble-free operation and the relaxing steam bath experience have been the main design principles. A fragrance pump, Harvia Eucalyptus fragrance for steam room, and an automatic discharge valve are available as accessories. They’ll make your pampering steam room experience better than ever. The Harvia aluminium frame door is a perfect steam room door because of its tight fit and excellent resistance to humidity.

Harvia HGP steam generator Harvia HGX steam generator Aluminium frame door



Outdoor sauna

Enjoy nature.

Harvia sauna – genuine Finnish sauna enjoyment. The feeling of the open air on your skin. A combination you have
to experience! For centuries in Finland, the sauna was a separate building with its own unique features.

Now you can experience the same atmosphere with Harvia Outdoor sauna models: Kuikka and Keitele.

Whether you choose a traditional woodburning sauna stove or an easier

electric sauna heater, you will find the same distinguished Harvia sauna spirit in your Outdoor sauna.

The Harvia Outdoor sauna package delivery is much more than just the sauna building itself! The delivery package includes all the necessary wood, roof and fastening materials and, according to your choice, a woodburning sauna stove with steel chimney or an electric sauna heater.

Whether next to your swimming pool, in your green garden or in the middle of a humming forest, a Harvia Outdoor sauna offers you authentic, peaceful moments of enjoyment.